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Authentic information about the family is not available. However, sketchy evidence that exists suggests that Raja Todarmal, one of the “Navratnas” in Akbar’s court was one of the early ancestors. During the 18th century, the family lived in a small town, Bagha, I the Muzzafarnagar district of western Uttar Pradesh in India. They belonged to the caste ‘Agrawal’, a sub-caste of ‘Vaishya’. The recorded history of the last 125years, characterize this family by traditions of high intellectual ability, education and high social status. The caste name often used as a surname in Hindu communities however was generally not suffixed by the recent descendents to the name.  The surname has varied over the generation to generation. Only in last few generations ‘Sagar’ has been retained as the second part of the name and now used as the surname. 

‘Sagar’ was the second name of Late Shri Buddhi Sagar and this has been adopted by his subsequent male descendents. He is therefore, taken to be the roots of this family tree. Buddhi Sagar was the fourth son of Shri Kewal Krishna, who retired as a District Magistrate of Azamgarh in British India and died in the first decade of the 20th century. 

Kewal Krishna 

Bhagwati Prasad   Madan Mohan Krishna    Rajendra Kumar    Buddhi Sagar Parvati

Advocate                District Magistrate        Builder             Engineer

Died 1944                    Died 1954                Died 1973     1903 - 1943

 Shri Buddhi Sagar, the youngest son was born in 1903. He was highly intelligent and studious. Passed grade 10 with exceptional merit from Government High School, Muzaffarnagar and his name appeared on the honors board of the school. He selected directly for the Civil Engineering course at the famous Thompson College of Engineering, Roorkee. Also attained eminence as a brilliant Tennis player. On graduation, joined the Uttar Pradesh Government Engineering Service (Irrigation) as a gazetted officer. He soon married a moderately educated girl, from a reputed landlord family of Bareilly. Contracted typhoid and died at the young age of 40 in 1943. He passed away leaving 6 children and youngest, Karuna Sagar, was only 13 days old at that time. 

Buddhi Sagar  

Sushila      Prem Sagar      Nirmala      Gyan Sagar    Laxmi Sagar   Karuna Sagar

1928           1930           1935             1937                1939          1943
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